28 October 2021 | 2 p.m. (CET)

Mould Strategy 2.0

New ideas for reducing costs!

Expert contributor

Mould protection starts with machine technology

Which factors influence the wear of injection moulds and where are the leverage points? Christoph Blöchle, Technical Sales Manager, gives you an overview of mechanical engineering measures and how these can pay dividends for your production.

Live feed

Mould preparation – what is important?

During the live feed to the ARBURG Customer Center, our experts provide valuable tips on what you should do during commissioning and set-up to actively counteract mould wear.

Expert contributor

“Mould Strategy 2.0”

Configuration, design, process setting – everything counts! Christian Homp, Team Manager, Application Engineering, shows you how the “Mould Strategy 2.0” increases the reliability of your production in the long term.


Live feed

Mould position monitoring – what works in practice?

Live from Lossburg: Find out which modern options are available for monitoring injection moulds and what they can do for you in practice.



Mould protection – knowing what matters

Moderator Guido Marschall discusses the key “Mould Strategy 2.0” findings with our experts Christoph Blöchle and Christian Homp.


Questions & Answers

You ask, we answer!

Put your “Mould Strategy 2.0” questions to our experts live!